Cute Things Guys Do(:
Haay! We're Cassidy and Courtney and we're best friends! We're both 15, and obsessed with talking about cute things that we'd like guys to do, which is how we got the idea for this tumblr. On here, you'll see probably a million things that we wish would happen to us (but probably won't until we're 40). We say lawl a lot and we might reblog food because we're obsessed with it. but our ask box is open to anyone and everyone for advice or just to say hi! We love Forever 21, cupcakes, music, boys, cookies, and basically everything a teenage girl should love. We get really annoying and we often say things at the same time when we're IMing each other but we could care less. So c0ome at as! (yeah that little o0 thing we just said? we do that all the time) Oh, we're also grammar freaks. Our text posts will be very specific, because we like to think of cute things in detail<3 Pictures of cute couples will be reblogged, and basically everything you'd ever dreamed of having in your relationship! ♥ Ask us questions <33

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Okay everyone I know that basically no one listens to me on this tumblr, but i’d like you to follow my new tumblr


It’s my new tumblr about weightloss and healthy lifestyles. It’d mean SO much to me if you’d reblog this and follow it! :)

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